We have been overloaded with gimmicks and apparent quick fix growth solutions, especially in the area of evangelism. These short lived results are not sustainable, and often end up causing  great harm to the health of the church by demoralizing evangelistic passion and faith.

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Dear Pastors and Leaders,

As an Evangelist, I believe my calling is to help the local church enter into REVIVAL.  A REVIVAL that includes reviving passion, releasing faith and reaping a harvest of new souls.

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The Apostolic DNA

Although there may be many diverse environments and participants, the revival itself will contain these essential elements.

The DNA is the blueprint which determines how the revival will eventually develop.


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A Quick List Of The Apostolic DNA Products: Instant downloadable multi-media products including, mp4 video, mp3 audio printable pdf and ppt presentations! All available right now.  

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