Transformation is a “Maturing Process"

  1. Connected Members
  2. Committed Members
  3. Serving Members
  4. Leadership Members
  5. Legacy Members

The character of Christ will produce the conduct of Christ. Perhaps this in part is the reason Paul proclaimed in Galatians 4:19,  “I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you."  We need the very nature of Christ to shape our character. The Word must touch who we are and transform the very core of our being. When we begin to become one with Christ, His divine nature leads and transforms our lives.

This leads us to our role, which is to model Christ-like character, encouraging others to surrender themselves to Jesus Christ (Gal. 2:20-21).  The Apostle Paul lived a life worthy of examination and provides a model for a transformed life.

His conversion was dramatic and transforming. He became committed unto death, suffering much along the way as he lived out his convictions. By his own words, he was a servant of Christ and a servant to all. He went so far as to describe himself as the “prisoner” of Christ. The maturing minister became a bold leader among the very Christians he had once persecuted, declaring, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Finally, near the end of a life-long walk with the Lord, he announced victory in his struggle against sin and evil. He said, “I have finished my course, I have kept the faith!"

Paul’s conversion, commitment, character, calling, and crown all document a transformed life. He had come a long way since carrying letters to persecute the church and standing by while they stoned Steven! This is the essence of Transformation. Becoming a new creature through purposeful discipleship.

Let us now put on Christ and further the purpose of our salvation. We are ever leaving darkness and entering light. His marvelous light and abundant life!

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