This site is focused on helping apostolic christians grow in their relationship with the Lord. A special focus is placed on teaching the apostles' doctrine, along with a biblical lifestyle and a strong evangelistic mission. The vision of apostolicdna.com might be summarized in that christians understand their identity in this manner:

  • Apostolic in Doctrine
  • Pentecostal in Experience
  • Holiness in Lifestyle
  • Evangelistic in Mission

What does apostolicdna.com have to offer?

  • A place where important apostolic terms and principles are defined in a detailed manner
  • A growing blog with interesting articles on apostolic life and ministry
  • Multi-Media Digital products here for sale with immediate access through instant download

Currently we have three main products along with some additional resources:

  • The DNA of Revival
  • The DNA of Ministry
  • The DNA of Spiritual Gifts
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